Desi Mango Kulfi Recipe

Desi Mango Kulfi Recipe:
Mango Kulfi ia one kind of ice-cream There are given below Mango Kulfi recipe. You can make it easily just follow the given recipe.

Ingredients for Mango Kulfi:

1 kg sweet mango
1 condense milk (350ml)
2 table-spoons gelatin
2 bottle fresh cream
1 cup milk powder

Method of preparation (How to Cook):

01. Make the mango shells - slice the top off thinly. Then using a thin, long and sharp knife probe into the mango carefully, rotating the mango slowly till the seed is completely dislodged from the flesh. Using a spoon carefully discard the seed. Keep aside mango shells and sliced off top.

02. Combine rest of ingredients with mango juice, then blend well using a blender.

03. Now pour the above mixture into mango shell and cover with the sliced off top.

04. Keep it into a refrigerator until set well.

05. While set it finely then sliced it and serve immediately with chilled.

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